Hydraco Industries is a thriving 100% Canadian-owned company that has been serving the oil industry equipment needs since 1985.

Hydraco was first established as a hydraulic equipment and repair center with its focus being to service all types of equipment. Throughout the years we evolved into a hydraulic and heavy truck repair facility catering to the oilfield. Hydraco then made the move into fabrication of oilfield equipment dominated by the manufacturing of shallow gas coil tubing units. To help facilitate this new focus we had to expand our shop periodically from a small two bay shop to the 20,000 square foot facility we are currently using. Over the years Hydraco has evolved into a custom oilfield equipment manufacturer as well as a highly qualified service facility that is supported by a self sustaining machine shop and a dedicated parts warehouse.

Hydraco Heavy Trucker Repairman

We are currently directing our main focus towards oilfield equipment manufacturing, hydraulic system design and repair as well as heavy truck inspections and repairs. Hydraco has recently become affiliated with Traction Canada allowing us to provide better service and better resources for sourcing parts.

Technological expertise, meticulous design and experienced manpower have helped Hydraco Industries maintain the highest standard of service to all of its customers.

Hydraco’s dedication to customer satisfaction and after sales service speaks volumes of the pride it has in its reputation and the products it supplies.